Beyond TYPO Font – Felt-tip look with OpenType Features

When people with different skills work together, things can be created that stand out from the usual. People often call it “synergy” – at TYPO Berlin 2016, we call it “Beyond Design” and one example is the font that was created especially for communications for the international design conference. The cooperative venture between Steff Hengge (Stefanidad, studio adhoc) and Ulrike Rausch (LiebeFonts) is so much fun that Monotype is now offering the TYPO Font as a free download.

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Microbes always find a nook or cranny to occupy.

Steff Hengge sees parallels between the world of microbes and bacteria and the way designers work. For instance, the constant search for new solutions, the will to adapt to given conditions and the capacity for creative cooperation and combination. Particularly when it comes to typeface design, the smallest modification can have enormous effects, so that new fonts are constantly created that perfectly encapsulate new styles. So the transformation in font design is similar to an evolutionary adaptation, such as we see most clearly with bacteria.

From hand lettering to OpenType font

The use of fonts is a key component when putting together the elements of a corporate design. The TYPO 2016 font is strongly shaped by uppercase typefaces, which were initially hand lettered by Steff Hengge using a thick felt pen to form illustrative messages. Working with Ulrike Rausch, what emerged was an animated font with a plethora of special OpenType features.


Each letter has an alternate form, there are many special ligatures and each letter has initial and end shapes, producing cute, biomorphic extensions. The lively quality of the font can be controlled with OpenType settings and to keep track of things, it’s worth a look at the glyph menu.
The OpenType features can be used in any modern text processing or layout programme, including MS Word, Apple Pages and, of course, Adobe programmes such as InDesign (see screenshot). The comical initial and final letters are implemented by activating the OpenType positional forms.


Beyond TYPO Font Alive!

The designers and the TYPO team want as many people as possible to have fun with the font, which is why Monotype is offering it as a free download. All you have to do to download the TYPO Berlin 2016 font is enter your e-mail address, and then you can start playing with the variety it offers. So treat yourself and bring a little life into your world!

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