Ulrike Rausch

Pinsel, Tinte, Code – Vom Lettering zum Font

TYPO Berlin 2018 Trigger | Thursday, 17 May | 6:00 pm | Show | German

Most people expect type designer Ulrike Rausch is sitting down with pen and paper to design her fonts. But actually, getting from the first drawings to a working font is not a purely analog process but rather a pretty geeky software endeavor.
In her talk, Ulrike shows how she designs typefaces and how she builds fonts. Ulrike will also demonstrate how nerdy OpenType programming adds just the right analog touch to her handwriting style.


Ulrike Rausch

Type Designer, LiebeFonts (Berlin, Germany)

Berlin-based type designer and letterer Ulrike Rausch holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Design from Potsdam University of Applied Science (Germany). In 2009 Ulrike founded her own type foundry called LiebeFonts, providing high-quality typefaces and hand-crafted letterings with a charming personality and obsessive attention to detail.

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