The Type-Robot visits TYPO Labs 2018

An industrial robotic arm cutting letterforms into styrofoam? What sounds like a type-geek’s dream became reality at this year’s TYPO Labs conference. For three days, an industrial robot in the hallway was hard at work carving out letters with a hot wire cutter. Surrounded by a flock of curious attendees and stacks of styrofoam boards, the large robotic arm was a focal point in the conference space and easily topped the list of peculiarities.

By Maciej Nadobnik

Typo Berlin 2016 "Beyond Design"

Katrín Ólína: Denktypen

Katrín Ólína ist schön. Auf jene von innen herrührende Art, die sich in der Gesamheit der fragmentieren Komplexität des Seins zeigt. Es ist die Schönheit jenseits der Oberfläche, jenseits von Gender und jenseits von Design (und dennoch sehr nah).

© Norman Posselt / Monotype

Katrín Ólína: Types of Mind

Katrín Ólína is a beautiful mind. Of the kind that unfolds from within, that occurs through the wholeness of the fragmented complexity of being. It is the beauty beyond the surface, beyond gender, and beyond design. (and yet very close)


Roger Law: The Art of Theft

Admittedly I was only vaguely familiar with Roger Law‘s work before attending his presentation at TYPO; hazy memories from my childhood of his rubbery-faced caricatures of politicians gesticulating wildly at me from my TV set. His presentation would be a retrospective of his work in parallel to that of other artists which had not only influenced him but who he had heavily referenced, or even stole from, in order to create his own work. It would be this concept of theft vs. true originality, which resonates so deeply with all artists and designers, that would be at the core of his thought-provoking, beautiful and often amusing look back at some of his most popular work.


Petz Scholtus: About Good Design and What it Has to Say

Good design can get us out of the current economical, ecological and emotional crisis we are in, Petz Scholtus encouraged TYPO Sustain attendees on Friday afternoon.
The Barcelona-based eco-designer said that whether designing a poster, shoe, house or plane, all use the same principles. She emphasized that because Dieter Rams’ 10 Principles of Good Design include “environmentally friendly” and “long lasting”, that designers can’t sacrifice the other eight in the name of sustainability. In fact, she posited, she is surprised when design awards go to non-eco friendly projects.


Morag Myerscough: A talk about places…

Places to grow with, places to experience, places to love. Ultimately, places that tell a story. Morag Myerscough’s talk takes us on a fast paced journey through her colourful work. And life. Perhaps the two are now very much intertwined, as she explains a revaluation of principles after she met Luke Morgan, Elvis fan and long term collaborator.  “If life is about enjoying yourself, and if your work is your life, than the projects you embark on should follow those same values.”


About Morag Myerscough, London

Morag Myerscough gibt Besuchern öffentlicher Räume Halt. Als leidenschaftliche Konstrukteurin von Ausstellungen, Schulen, Gesundheits – oder Kunstzentren sorgt Sie mit Schrift, Farbe und Muster dafür, dass Menschen ihre Wege finden und sich wohl fühlen. Morag verleiht den Orten, die sie betreut, grafischen Sinn. Sie begrüßt die Besucher und bietet Orientierung und ein Gefühl der Vertrautheit. »Wir infiltrieren die Architektur-Szene.«, bemerkte Morag kürzlich in einem Video-Interview mit Eye-Magazin und »Ich möchte für Menschen arbeiten, die mutig genug sind Neues auszuprobieren«.


Neville Brody pushes the boundaries of type

Neville Brody doesn’t want you to think outside the box: it would appear he’d prefer you do something like tear it up, tape it back together, spray paint it, wear it as a hat, and then throw it out. Brody wants designers to decide what to do with their own boxes. Since we’ve moved from a physical to digital space, Brody feels that experimentation has given way to an engineering approach. “Facebook feels very much like a grown up version of AOL.” The world starts to look the same.

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