Jürgen Siebert

Interview mit Jürgen Siebert, dem Programmdirektor der TYPO Konferenzen

Ich besuche Jürgen Siebert, um mit ihm über die TYPO Berlin 2017 mit dem Thema »wanderlust« zu sprechen. Mal sehen, was er mir verraten kann. Welche Sprecher werden erwartet? Ob und wie wird das Konzept der Bühne »Beyond Design« nächstes Jahr fortgeführt? Wie geht es weiter mit den TYPO Labs? Aber auch Anekdoten aus bald 22 Jahren TYPO Berlin möchte ich ihm entlocken.

© Norman Posselt / Monotype

TYPO Labs: The DTL Story – 40 Years and Counting (Update)

Ikarus is the name of a digital outline format invented in the early 70s by Peter Karow. It was one of the earliest developments to describe complex character outlines digitally. A number of foundries started digitizing their type libraries using the Ikarus technology. Doing so required a software package for producing Ikarus fonts. Those software tools are still at the core of what today are known as DTL/URW++ font tools.

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TYPO Labs: DTL / URW++ session

During the DTL/URW++ session at the TYPO Labs conference on Wednesday 11 May 2016, Lukas Schneider gave an interesting talk on the LS Cadencer and the related LS Cadenculator (batch) fitting/auto-spacing extensions he has written in Python for Glyphs and RoboFont.

by Frank E. Blokland

TYPO Labs FontLab Phinney, Twardoch, Yarmola

TYPO Labs: World Universal Engines and Planet Fontlab

After John Hudson’s complex opening speech on The Universal Shaping Engine (USE), a new model for OpenType complex script handling, it was hands on at the FontLab VI session. A lot of “nerd speak” centered on how coordinates are floats, how to create smoothest possible connection between two curve segments and of course on new tools in the recently released update and how to use them.

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by Luc(as) de Groot, LucasFonts

TYPO Labs 2016

TYPO Labs: The World according to Glyphs

Finally, it was really happening: TYPO Labs, a spinoff of TYPO Berlin, a conference only for font technology. Having been a quite frequent visitor of TYPO Berlin as a professional type designer and also type user, I found myself mostly attending these certain “special interest” presentations and lectures down in the basement of HKW.

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by Verena Gerlach