TYPO Labs 2018

AR/VR Tidbits from TYPO Labs 2018

While at last year’s TYPO Labs Variable Fonts were introduced as the great innovation, this year another big topic was treated in several talks. The Augmented and Virtual Reality environment is becoming more notable for many programmers and designers requiring special attention when it comes to text and type.

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by Jan Vincent Dufke


Fragenziehen: Interview #7 with Maria Doreuli

We played »Fragenziehen« (drawing questions) with Maria Doreuli, type designer from Russia and founder of the Contrast Foundry. The game is simple: Maria draws a term, puts it next to the card “writing” and answers what she thinks of it. Associative and fast.

by Lukas Horn


The Type-Robot visits TYPO Labs 2018

An industrial robotic arm cutting letterforms into styrofoam? What sounds like a type-geek’s dream became reality at this year’s TYPO Labs conference. For three days, an industrial robot in the hallway was hard at work carving out letters with a hot wire cutter. Surrounded by a flock of curious attendees and stacks of styrofoam boards, the large robotic arm was a focal point in the conference space and easily topped the list of peculiarities.

By Maciej Nadobnik


Interview: Who is behind the new TYPO Labs Design?

TYPO Labs gathering is getting closer, and everything is starting to line up for those intense and exciting type days under the motto “How far can we go?”. While we wait, let’s warm up with a little small talk. Pablo Gámez, TYPO Labs facilitator for 2018, asked Monotype Designers Bernd Volmer and Olli Meier about their new look for the Labs 2018 and how far they plan to go – technically and visually – with this CI project.