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Video archive: January selection – Hidden gems

Those of you who have been to a TYPO Berlin conference before 2010 know, that one of the highlights after each conference was — when the DVD with selected TYPO talks came home by postal services worldwide. Since 2011 we don’t burn DVDs anymore; all TYPO talks (in Berlin, London, San Fran) that got recorded can be found in our TYPOtalks video archive. By now we have over 300 design talks online and each year we add around 30 new videos. 300×45 minutes = 225 hours of video material. Because this is a lot of time you’d need to watch through this, we now start to bring you selected content. Every month (until we get tired in doing so) we will select 5 talks under different topics. Hope you like it. Off we go – with the hidden gems. TYPO speakers, that are not so well-known but truly suprized us.

© Gerhard Kassner / Monotype

Prarthana Johnson & Gerrit Kaiser: All Hail the Committee

Design by committee is a term sometimes (ahem, always) negatively used in the creative industries. But now, the trend and move from classical agencies to in-house designers has lessened the stigma attached to working “in-house” and for “team client side”. Prarthana Johnson and Gerrit Kaiser from Soundcloud, tag team to talk about what it means to be designers who are not afraid of designing by committee.

Johannes Erler im Gespräch mit Frank Wache und Bisrat Negassi. © Sebastian Weiß / Monotype

Bisrat Negassi, Frank Wache: More aphrike

„Wir wissen noch nicht, wie die Reise aussieht, aber wo sie hingeht: Zu mehr Toleranz und Miteinander“ – Grenzen überschreiten, den Blick öffnen für andere Disziplinen und Kulturen zog sich als Thema durch das Gespräch von Johannes Erler mit Bisrat Negassi und Frank Wache.  Zum Auftakt am Freitag der TYPO 16 diskutieren sie ihr Projekt M.Bassy und den Antrieb einen Ort für afro-inspirierte Kultur zu schaffen.

Kate Moross  © G. Kassner

Flashback Tuesday: Kate Moross, TYPO Berlin 2013

In her presentation at TYPO Berlin 2013, “There Is No Wall”, Kate Moross gives us “The punk rock guide to business!” What does the punk approach to work entail? Being good at bullshitting. Or to put it in a less in-your-face way – being adept at the art of improvisation.

No one embodies the conference theme "character" more than Aaron Draplin © Gerhard Kassner (Monotype)

Better Than Coffee: Aaron Draplin’s All-American Morning Show

Aaron James Draplin is quite a character. And there is nothing I could ever write in a blog post to give you even the slightest idea of the kind of pure energy Draplin gets going during his talks. So go watch the video, or, better still, go out of your way to see him live. Chances are he’ll come by a place near you any time soon, considering that so far he has been to 104 different cities and given 178 talks.


Emil Schult: Die kosmische Komponente und guter Rat

Die elektronische Musik und die Kunst haben in der Zeit vom Nachkrieg bis heute eine Tür in eine neue Welt geöffnet, so Schult, durch die wir „vielleicht eine Chance für die Zukunft haben“, und, da ist er optimistisch, „das sieht sehr gut aus“. Das sei wie eine Wurzel, eine „Root“ oder ein Samenkorn, das sich 3D-mäßig entwickelt habe.

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