Typo Berlin 2017 "wanderlust"

The théatron as a medium

Yes, if you want to use a single word you can say: illustrator; but probably this definition doesn’t really fit the whole theatrical body of work by Henning Wagenbreth. His grotesque and funny style which goes back and forth between real life to imaginary world.

By Alessio D’Ellena

Sebastian Lörscher

Fünf Fragen an … Sebastian Lörscher

Indien, Haiti, Österreich: Sebastian Lörscher reist mit seinem Skizzenbuch um die Welt. In diesem Jahr zieht der Wahl-Berliner neue Zeichnungen von einem viermonatigen Aufenthalt in Nigeria aus dem Wanderrucksack. Wir haben ihm fünf Fragen gestellt – und er hat mit dem Zeichenstift geantwortet:

von Nina Sieverding

Live Stream Speakers

Live und in Farbe: TYPO Talks im Live-Stream // Stream the Gems of TYPO Talks live

Zu viele Termine? Zu viel auf dem Tisch? Schade! Für all diejenigen, die während der TYPO im Büro geblieben sind: Holt euch einen Kaffee, lehnt euch zurück und genießt ausgewählte Talks live auf eurem Bildschirm.
You are too busy and can’t make it to the TYPO Talks this year? TYPO Berlin has a gift for you: Stream our selected talks live during the conference!

Video archive

Video archive: January selection – Hidden gems

Those of you who have been to a TYPO Berlin conference before 2010 know, that one of the highlights after each conference was — when the DVD with selected TYPO talks came home by postal services worldwide. Since 2011 we don’t burn DVDs anymore; all TYPO talks (in Berlin, London, San Fran) that got recorded can be found in our TYPOtalks video archive. By now we have over 300 design talks online and each year we add around 30 new videos. 300×45 minutes = 225 hours of video material. Because this is a lot of time you’d need to watch through this, we now start to bring you selected content. Every month (until we get tired in doing so) we will select 5 talks under different topics. Hope you like it. Off we go – with the hidden gems. TYPO speakers, that are not so well-known but truly suprized us.

Typo Berlin 2016 "Beyond Design"

Brosmind: 10

The two brothers Juan and Alejandro Mingarro take us on an eclectic odyssey through their work, their beginnings, their connection as brothers and their approach to creativity.

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