TYPO Labs 2018

Tools for Fonts: A Roundup

Glyphs, RoboFont and Fontlab annually take center stage at TYPO Labs, but there’s more to see in terms of tools than just the font editors. New or improved, finished or in progress, command line or polished interface: here’s the cast of tools at Labs, in order of appearance.

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by Tilmann Hielscher

© Norman Posselt · www.normanposselt.com (Monotype)

TYPO Labs: Variable Fonts

»Oh crap. That’s my new job.«

Dan Rhatigan, giving the opening lecture of TypoLabs 17, addressed the hot topic that all of the 280 attendees interested the most straight away: Variable fonts!

by Verena Gerlach

Amöben Preview

Amöben-Paket zu gewinnen! // Amoeba Culture Bag to win

Gewinne eins von zwei TYPO Berlin 2016 Design Packages, inkl. TYPO Bag, TYPO Amöbe und dem Buch „Amoeba Culture“ von der Designerin und Künstlerin Steff Stefanidad. (Das Gewinnspiel ist beendet) // Win one of two TYPO Berlin 2016 design packages, including TYPO Bag, TYPO Amoebe and the book “Amoeba Culture” by the designer and artist Steff Stefanidad. (The lottery is closed)