TYPO Labs 2018: Berlin, April 12–14

TYPO Labs aims to connect font engineers and practitioners with OS developers, CSS experts and academics. The purpose is to provide a platform for the exchange of best practices, advance the state of the art and encourage the integration of new type technologies into future digital communications.

Created for developers by developers, the third TYPO Labs covered the full stack of font developments, including OpenType Variation, CJK deployment and type challenges in the field of VR and AR. Stay tuned with our newsletter for more information on the next TYPO Labs in 2019 and follow us on Twitter.

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TYPO Labs wouldn’t be the same without its numerous volunteers. Many thanks to all of our helpers!

Want to get a taste of TYPO Berlin »Trigger« (May 17–19)? Contact us for volunteer opportunities: info.labs@typotalks.com