Frank Rausch

Die neue Typografie

TYPO Berlin 2018 Trigger | Thursday, 17 May | 8:00 pm | Hall | German

Text is everywhere. At this point, we read more text on glass than we do on paper. To design good, readable type for dynamic content, we need to re-tool the work and thought processes we used in classic, analogue typography. In his presentation, Frank Rausch will introduce his approach and theorize on the future outlook for typography.


Frank Rausch

User Interface Designer, App Developer, and Typographer (Germany)

Frank Rausch is a user interface designer, app developer, and typographer. He is co-founder and managing partner at Raureif, an award-winning interaction design consultancy based in Berlin. In his work, Frank Rausch explores how technology and code can shape high-quality digital reading experiences. He teaches app design and typography at design schools…

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