Minjoo Ham

Connecting Scripts: Building bridges between Latin and Hangul

TYPO Labs 2018 How far can we go? | Saturday, 14 April | 12:00 pm | Nave | English

Hangul is the writing system that is unique to Korean, having been designed by King Se-jong 571 years ago. In the age of globalization, we are in need of multi-script fonts to produce multi-language documents. Hangul will often be combined with Latin, the most familiar script. How can a hangul typeface be connected to its equivalent latin, without losing its inherent nature?


Minjoo Ham

Designer, typographer and graphic designer

Minjoo Ham is a type designer, typographer and graphic designer from South Korea. She studied graphic design at the Seoul Women’s University (2005-2009), where she discovered her interest in type design. After graduation, she worked for several years at Seoul’s successful S-Core (CoreFont) foundry as a type designer. In 2014-2015…

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