© Gerhard Kassner (Monotype)

Erik Kessels: Confusion makes the world go round

Erik Kessels is a true creative beyond the scope of categories. The passionate Dutchman is intrigued by the odds and absurdities of everyday life and knows well, how to turn them into catchy campaigns and successful publishing projects. At TYPO 2015 he takes his viewers on a joyful journey to the world’s worst hotel and weirdest photo albums.

© Gerhard Kassner (Monotype)

Christoph Amend: Haltung und Charakter beim Magazinmachen

Vor wenigen Tagen wurde das „Zeit Magazin“ vom ADC (Art Directors Club) mit elf Auszeichnungen bedacht und ist somit – abermals – das erfolgreichste Periodikum im Editorial-Bereich. Chefredakteur Christoph Amend gewährt im Gespräch mit Sonja Knecht einen Blick in die Magazine und auf die Menschen, die dahinter stecken.


6 questions to … Julie K. Andersen & Stig Møller Hansen

Julie K. Andersen and Stig Møller Hansen are both lecturer at the Danish School of Media and Journalism. Whereas Julie is all about tangible pieces crafted by hand in laborious techniques like knitting, crochetting and so forth, like the project she showed at TYPO 2013 (watch video), Stig as an interactive designer and coder sees code as a creative tool for the designer. AT TYPO Berlin 2014 they’ll talk about their collaboration “Man vs. Machine” where it’s all about combining these two approaches to produce something new that has the qualities from each approach.

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