Radek Sidun

Briefcase Type Foundry: Milestones in Czech Type Design

TYPO Berlin 2018 Trigger | Thursday, 17 May | 4:00 pm | Show | English

Briefcase’s aim is to digitise typefaces that have never been released before, and to publish unique works of important figures of our local region. Since 2012, Radek Sidun and his team been intensively working on the Briefcase Type project to bring to light significant designs from our recent history. Publishing books, organising exhibitions and focusing on works of current young designers and their experiments keeps them busy as hell. Their nerdy analytical approach, combined with a healthy dose of audacity and guts typical of the Czech typo-environment, takes us on an exciting journey.


Radek Sidun

(Czech Republic)

Radek Sidun devotes himself primarily to fonts and typography. His graduation thesis at the UMPRUM Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design dealt with the issue of diacritics in world languages. As a result, he is a sought-after consultant to font designers and type foundries world over. He’s serving as a…

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