TYPO Labs 2018 – This was day three

All good things come in threes: The last day of TYPO Labs has offered insights into CJK Fonts, educational perspectives and future scenarios concering the broad implementation of Variable Fonts. In this newsletter we sum up some of the highlights for you.


TYPO Labs 2018 – This was day two

TYPO Labs day two revealed that there is increased demand for tools that build bridges between professionals and across disciplines to fully unfold the potential of new Font Technologies. We’ve selected three of the day’s many highlights for you.


John Hudson

Constrained. Unconstrained. Variable.

In his keynote John Hudson, Type Designer and Co-founder of Tiro Typeworks Ltd., provided us with interesting perspectives upon the Nirmala UI project. Under the title “Constrained. Unconstrained. Variable.” He reflected upon circumstances, presenting the unique challenges of each design. Here are the most important steps on that journey.

Typo Berlin 2017 "wanderlust"

Dominic Wilcox: The Reinvention Of Normal

Perfectly normal.

Designer, artist, inventor? With his reinventions of everyday things, Dominic Wilcox changes our perspectives, and puts a smile on the faces of the TYPO 2017 audience. We sat down with him to talk about the creative potential of everyday things, explaining creativity to politicians, and what it’s like to be an introvert at a party.

by David Reitenbach and Christoph Rauscher

© Sebastian Weiß, Monotype

TYPO Stoff fürs Sommerloch

Die Ferienzeit naht. Zeit die TYPO Berlin 2016 in Ruhe Revue passieren zu lassen und Lücken zu füllen. Hardfacts: 1526 Teilnehmer kamen aus 29 Ländern zusammen. 69 Sprecher verteilten sich auf 46 Vorträge und Teilnehmer konnten sich in 9 verschiedenen Workshops ausprobieren.

Titelfoto vom Foyer: Sebastian Weiß/Monotype

© Sebastian Weiß / Monotype

Beautypunch: Magic with Logic and the Power of Scent

Beautypunch – Jürgen Mayknicht and Nicole Szekessy – are designers whose work focuses on  a different sense than most TYPO speakers – not sight, but smell. They are perfumers, designers of fragrances. Working with everything from personal scents to “corporate aromas”, they develop every aspect of a fragrance, from the scent itself to the packaging.

Sketchnote workshop with Nadine Roßa at TYPO Berli, 2016 © Norman Posselt / Monotype

Workshop: Sketchnotes mit Nadine Roßa

Manche sagen, vor lauter Fotos von Sketchnotes bricht Twitter bald zusammen – und Instagram gleich mit. „Sketchnoting“, diese Technik des visuellen Notierens, hat viele Fans und durch Nadine Roßas Workshop sind es noch ein paar Dutzend mehr geworden.

© Gerhard Kassner / Monotype

Karim Habib: Precision and Poetry

It’s not a bold assumption that most of us interact with cars every day. We see them, hear them, sit in them and occasionally get yelled at by people driving them. Karim Habib is not your average “car nerd”, spending his time designing BMW’s with a team of 135 people. Obviously a task and team that big requires a lot of co-ordination, and Karim spoke about how BMW has been doing just that for over 100 years.

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