Simultan­über­setzung auf der TYPO // Trans­lating talks

Wie zu jeder TYPO, steht uns auch dieses Jahr Astrid Geese und ihr Team als erfahrene Simultandolmetscher von Englisch nach Deutsch und Deutsch nach English zur Verfügung. Die Kopfhörer-Ausgabe befindet sich direkt neben der Garderobe. /// She started translating for TYPO at our first conference and we are happy to welcome back Astrid Geese and her team to simultaneously transfer the talks from German to Englisch and vice versa. You get your headphone next to the cloakroom.


Win 1 out of 5 Aaron James Draplin “Pretty Much Everything Up To January 9, 2015″-Poster [closed]

We have cleaned up our TYPO archives and found 10 Aaron James Draplin posters, that we want to give away now.

They got lost on the way to Berlin, were eventually found by KLM and then sent to TYPO Berlin 2015. The man for bold colors and dangerous ideas collected every little logo he made, wordmark and whatever else he could fit into it.


Alle Beiträge online! /// All posts online!

Geschafft! Endlich sind alle Beiträge unseres Editorial Teams online. Viel Spaß mit über 70 Zusammenfassungen von allen Veranstaltungen der TYPO Berlin! /// Done! Finally all posts by our editorial team are now online. Have fun with more than 70 summaries of all TYPO Berlin events! Please scroll down for english version.

© Gerhard Kassner (Monotype)

Erik Kessels: Confusion makes the world go round

Erik Kessels is a true creative beyond the scope of categories. The passionate Dutchman is intrigued by the odds and absurdities of everyday life and knows well, how to turn them into catchy campaigns and successful publishing projects. At TYPO 2015 he takes his viewers on a joyful journey to the world’s worst hotel and weirdest photo albums.

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