Marianna Paszkowska

Variable Fonts for web designers — practical guide.

TYPO Berlin 2018 Trigger | Saturday, 19 May | 6:00 pm | Show | English

New font format, Variable Font, is currently in the oven. Be ready and hit the ground running when it will arrive!

In her talk, Marianna will show what makes axis-based fonts development so exciting. She will help you understand how they work and show the potential of Variable Fonts from useful workhorses to the those experimental and fun. Finally, she will discuss what possibilities and challenges dynamic fonts together with today’s fast developing technology can bring to the designers, and what it could mean to the end user


Marianna Paszkowska

Font Engineer, Monotype (Poland)

Based in Berlin, Marianna is a part of the Monotype Font Engineering team. Calling herself a geek, Marianna is a type designer, calligraphy enthusiast and a bookworm. With a keen and open mind, she is always the one with hands coloured by ink and a head occupied by letters. She loves…

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