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Ian Bowden: 20 Years of Loving the Game

Candy Crush, Grand Theft Auto, Flappy Bird, Call of Duty… we all know these words because we are addicted to our screens, attached to our phones and glued to our keyboards. But don’t hate the player or the game, because people like Ian Bowden love these alternate worlds we call games so much, that they make a career out of it.


The Tattly Randomizer at TYPO SF 2014

We’re excited to announce that the Tattly Randomizer will be at TYPO SF 2014! What is the Tattly Randomizer, you ask? Imagine the mini vending machines that would take your quarters and spit out a random temporary tattoo when you were a kid. Now, replace the cheesy designs you remember with creative, “designy” illustrations and images, and you have the Tattly Randomizer!