TYPO San Francisco Livestreams and Blog Posts

A cheerful party crowned TYPO San Francisco on Friday night. For those of you who could not make it this time, we kept the six streamed talks. Further talks were covered by the TYPO Blog.

TYPO San Francisco 2015 Facilitators

TYPO San Francisco falilitators (from left to right): Yves Peters, Ceci Moss, Kali Nikitas and Erik Spiekermann

Yesterday at 10 pm the TYPO San Francisco facilitator team started the third FontShop conference in the Bay Area. Theme this year is focus. Within the graphic industry, shifts in focus are constant.

More than 20 experts share their experience an give best practice advise on stirring questions: Do we need to learn web, print, mobile or be a jack-of-all-trades? Does a graphic designer take on type design? Should a visual artist delve into UX? Do type foundries dedicate more attention to webfonts?

By focusing on “Focus,” TYPO San Francisco brings together a diverse slate of international and local speakers to explore this theme through a creative’s lens. For everyone who could not make it, there will be live streamed talks as well as blog posts covering the conference.

Public livestreamed Videos:

Jen Bilik – day 1, 10 am*
Tash Wong –day 1, 1 pm*
Chip Kidd –day 1, 6 pm*

Sarah Hyndman – day 2, 10 am*
Erik Marinovich –day 2, 1 pm*
Daniel Gjøde –day 2, 5 pm*

– – –
*= Pacific Time, all talks will be in English.

Summaries published in the TYPO San Francisco Blog:

• Jen Bilik: Losing Focus to Find Focus (and Vice Versa)
• Menno Cruijsen: Lava Around the World
Tash Wong: Oh Sh!t, I Have to Make It Now

• Joachim Sauter: Poetry is the New Black
• Mark Simonson: The Romance of Offset
• Sarah Hyndman: Tasting Type

• Daniel Gjøde: Young and Stupid
• Ellen Lupton: Vision is a Process
• Sumner Stone: Letterform/Humanform

• Erik Marinovich: Everything After Z

 more to come …