Erik Marinovich

Everything After Z

TYPO San Francisco 2015 Focus | Friday, 01 May | 1:00 pm | YBCA Theater | English

A tale of the pursuit of drawing an imperfect line, of letting an unintentional idea create a new outlook, and the aspiration behind never being satisfied.

Erik Marinovich Portrait 2015

Erik Marinovich

Lettering Artist / Designer (San Francisco, California)

Erik Marinovich is a San Francisco based lettering artist and designer, and is a co-founder of Friends of Type. Since 2009 he has drawn letters, logos and type for nice folks like: Nike, Target, Google, Hilton, Facebook, Sonos, Sharpie, The Criterion Collection, Air Canada, Gap, Ford Motor Company. In 2012 he co-founded Title Case, a creative…

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