Typo Berlin 2017 "wanderlust"

Ain’t no frame no more

For quite a few decades we have stared at a rectangle-shaped picture that moves. From photography to videography, the term frame directly referred to the dimensions we would look at, allowing filmmakers to create scenes with a distinguished point of view. The audience would only see a limited portrayal – an idealised display.

By Paul Troppmair


Extra editie! Extra editie!

Probably you have seen the »Zeitung« newspaper around the halls of TYPO Berlin today. What looks like a regular edition, actually is a special publication by the type experts of Underware. The Dutch type foundry decided to print their newest web font in a newspaper.

By Alessio D’Ellena and Paul Troppmair

Live Stream Speakers

Live und in Farbe: TYPO Talks im Live-Stream // Stream the Gems of TYPO Talks live

Zu viele Termine? Zu viel auf dem Tisch? Schade! Für all diejenigen, die während der TYPO im Büro geblieben sind: Holt euch einen Kaffee, lehnt euch zurück und genießt ausgewählte Talks live auf eurem Bildschirm.
You are too busy and can’t make it to the TYPO Talks this year? TYPO Berlin has a gift for you: Stream our selected talks live during the conference!

© Norman Posselt · www.normanposselt.com (Monotype)

TYPO Labs: Designspaces

Erik van Blokland – The Design Space notion is something you hear a lot if you study in typemedia or work into the UFO environment. Now, thanks to variable fonts, it is everywhere. Given that many tools other than Superpolator are using this concept, it is now necessary to exchange design space information across different applications.

By Roberto Arista

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