Sarah Hyndman

Tasting Type

TYPO San Francisco 2015 Focus | Friday, 01 May | 10:00 am | YBCA Theater | English

Defocusing, or taking a step back from her project-by-project gaze as a commercial graphic designer, prompted Sarah to question and reassess her future in the industry. As a result she set off on a completely new journey of typographic exploration, self-initiated projects and research which gave her career a new focus and a sense of fun.

Come and discover what a Type Tasting is and hear about some of the surprises and discoveries Sarah has made along the way. Her Font Census enables her to profile the personalities of fonts, and to ask whether designers and non-designers view typefaces in the same way? She starts conversations about the experience of typography by baking edible type and she regularly invites people to her East London studio to sniff fonts. Sarah will show how type evokes all of our senses, talk about working with scientists at Oxford University to research how type can alter our experiences, and give you a glimpse into why she sees the world as a typographic wonderland.


Sarah Hyndman

Graphic Designer (London, England)

Sarah Hyndman is curious about the emotional life of typefaces and how we respond to them as type consumers. She launched Type Tasting in February 2013 with an evening of typographic swearing ’n’ cussing. Her explorations have taken her from making edible typefaces to researching how type can alter the…

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