Daniel Gjøde

Young and Stupid

TYPO San Francisco 2015 Focus | Friday, 01 May | 5:00 pm | YBCA Theater | English

In this open-hearted talk, Daniel will take you behind the scenes at some of Stupid Studio’s more secret, obscure and passion-driven projects. They will form the visual wallpaper to a conversation about the ethos and thought process behind Stupid Studio’s work. Expect to hear how focusing on craftsmanship and having fun is usually good for business. And learn how it’s sometimes better not to focus at all.


Daniel Gjøde

Founding Partner & Creative Director (Copenhagen, Denmark)

I'm 36. Creative Director, Windsurfer and Father. I founded Stupid Studio in 2006 – an independent digital creative agency set out to do stuff for good companies, who believe they can change stuff to the better, funnier, or simply more comfortable. I’ve been working with motion graphics and digital concepts…

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