Jen Bilik

Losing Focus to Find Focus (& Vice Versa): A Tale of Creativity, Business & Self

TYPO San Francisco 2015 Focus | Thursday, 30 April | 10:00 am | YBCA Theater | English

The alternation between focus and its contrasting states is key to all areas of life and work. Creativity succeeds when we learn how to harness that oscillation, providing ourselves enough downtime to have ideas and enough tenacity to execute them. Analogously, through creating Knock Knock—company, brand, and products—Jen Bilik has learned that it’s critical to balance the surprising with the familiar. If something’s too surprising, people don’t get it or they say it’s off-brand; if it’s too familiar, it’s boring. Brands—and people—can both become pretty stale if they’re too focused, but without focus, we’re lost in that great wide open. Jen Bilik has gone to both extremes and lived to do an extremely focused PowerPoint about it.


Jen Bilik

Company Owner, Founder & CEO (Venice, California)

The owner and founder of Knock Knock, Jen Bilik has a background in book editing, writing, design, and arts and crafts. Knock Knock’s witty, design-driven books, gifts, and stationery products are sold in 6,000 stores across the United States, including such retailers as Barnes & Noble and Urban Outfitters, and…

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