Tash Wong

Oh Sh!t, I Have to Make It Now. Stories of Becoming a Creative Entrepreneur.

TYPO San Francisco 2015 Focus | Thursday, 30 April | 1:00 pm | YBCA Theater | English

With the launch of Coastermatic in the Spring of 2012, Tash Wong began her journey down the bumpy path of creative entrepreneurship. Join her as she shares her story of finding focus through the decisions, accidents, and the euphorias of creating a company and designing a life.


Tash Wong

Chief Coaster Officer (San Francisco, California)

Tash Wong is the Chief Coaster Officer of Coastermatic. Coastermatic's goal is to help you relive the moments you want to remember by putting them on coasters you'll use every day. Prior to founding Coastermatic, Tash spent time creating groundbreaking mobile frameworks for the hospitality industry, product consulting for the…

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