EN: Opening talk: Gerry Leonidas about giving form to Variable Fonts

The opening talk of TYPO Labs 2018 came from Gerry Leonidas with a reality check on the intersection of business and design aspects of Variable Fonts. He teaches and researches typography and typeface design at the University of Reading, UK.

Gerry Leonidas at TYPO Labs 2018

Gerry Leonidas at TYPO Labs 2018  Photo: Norman Posselt

Polish version

In an engaging and lively talk, Gerry Leonidas has encouraged us to re-think the way we design typefaces for the variable font market. He emphasized how overwhelming the multi-dimensional variable design space can be – especially for our linear imagination. His advice is to take advantage of this challenge and to address the needs of the real user: a concept of sweet spots comes as a solution for handling Variable Fonts.