Gerry Leonidas teaches and researches typography and typeface design at the University of Reading, UK. He supervises MA and PhD research, and lectures widely. He consults on publication and typeface design, reviews bodies of work, and runs knowledge transfer projects with a twin focus on global business development, and new education initiatives. He is the president of ATypI, a founding member of Granshan Foundation, and helps organise ICTVC and other conferences. He is the Director of the MATD, the TDi summer course, and the new MResTD, a new hybrid programme on research in typeface design.

Giving form to Variable Fonts

Or, rather, giving form to peoples’ ideas about Variable Fonts. As for many technological innovations in typography before, the prize lies in the intersection of business and perception: meeting actual needs, while explaining to people how a new technology can be adopted, how it can improve their work, and reduce risk. At the same time, a new generation of professionals need to be trained to use the technology, and extend its utility. This talk is a mini reality check on how we verbalise and visualise Variable Fonts. Those who are not professional typeface designers, yet, are of particular interest.

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