Nancy Birkhölzer and Prof. Reto Wettach: Empower the analog

Professor Reto Wettach of IXDS, together with his colleague Nancy Birkhölzer gave an interesting talk on their perspective of the relationship humans have with the physical and digital world. The talk was largely based around the fact that people are increasingly interacting with the world around them using just a tiny screen and the tips of their fingers. They questioned how much emotion can possibly be expressed through this type of medium and whether or not we need new ways of incorporating technology into our lives which empower us to interact on a more human level.


Nachhaltige Entdeckungen aus aller Welt

Am 24. Februar erscheint „It’s Not Easy Being Green: Two Designers Exploring Sustainability Worldwide“ von Aart van Bezooyen und Paula Raché. Das Buch beruht auf einer sechs-monatigen Recherche über Nachhaltigkeit in Design und Material, die die Autoren nach Brasilien, Argentinien, Chile, Neuseeland, Australien, Indonesien, Thailand, Vietnam, Kambodscha, Singapur, Malaysia und Japan führte. Über 60 Designer, Unternehmern und Weltverbesserern berichten über ihre Projekte und ihre persönlichen Erfahrungen vor ihrem kulturellen Hintergrund, und zeigen Alternativen für eine Zukunft auf, die uns alle betrifft.

santos mccormick

Social Story Telling with The Guardian

Mariana Santos and Mark McCormick shared the stage to talk about how the Guardian is using the readers to enforce their publication. Mariana is doing interactive design and Mark is specialised in infographics. They toss subjects beween their disciplines to make the most of it.


Jessica Hische: letterer, illustrator, crazy cat lady and secret web designer

Jessica Hische, self confessed “letterer, illustrator, crazy cat lady and secret web designer” gave an energetic and hilarious talk to a full house last night as the closing speaker at the TYPO Berlin 2012 conference. After three days of stimulating talks, Hische was a fitting conclusion to the conference, entertaining the crowd with her bubbly personality and remarkable insight.

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