Eric Jarosinski: Nothing new. Nihilism as character development

The self-declared “failed intellectual” dropped by the Haus der Kulturen der Welt during his Goodwill Tour 2015. Snarky with childish glee and joyful irreverence, he flooded us with his witty sarcastic dictums, caused my ultimate Schreibblockade (one of his favourite German words) and definitely gained quite a few new followers from the graphic design field.

Jan Sowa spricht über die Dialektik des Designs © Gerhard Kassner (Monotype)

Jan Sowa: Avantgarde und die Dialektik des Designs

Was hat Hegel mit Einstein, Duchamp und dessen Ready-made „Fountain“ (ein Pissoir) zu tun? Keine Ahnung? Jan Sowa weiß es – schließlich ist er Soziologe, Philosoph und Design-Kritiker oder, wie er sich selbst nennt „a dialectical materialist cultural theorist“. Nicht zu verwechseln mit Terrorist. Das ist ihm wichtig.

Typo Berlin 2015 "Character"

Tina Roth Eisenberg: The best way to complain is to make things.

My job is “sitting behind a computer and laugh.” Tina Roth Eisenberg, also known as ‘swissmiss’, explains her principles how to live a happy and fulfilled work and personal life – filled with confetti, good people and the intent, to make things better. Her talk is a mix of advise from the heart, case studies and great stories of how she became an equally happy and successful person.

Focus Forum with Daniel Gjøde

Today Focus Forum catches up with creative director, windsurfer, and father: Daniel Gjøde.

Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, Daniel founded Stupid Studio in 2006 – an independent digital creative agency set out to do stuff for good companies, who believe they can change stuff to the better, funnier, or simply more comfortable. He’s also a board member of Design Denmark and the Advisory Board of the Danish School of Media & Journalism.


Roger Law: The Art of Theft

Admittedly I was only vaguely familiar with Roger Law‘s work before attending his presentation at TYPO; hazy memories from my childhood of his rubbery-faced caricatures of politicians gesticulating wildly at me from my TV set. His presentation would be a retrospective of his work in parallel to that of other artists which had not only influenced him but who he had heavily referenced, or even stole from, in order to create his own work. It would be this concept of theft vs. true originality, which resonates so deeply with all artists and designers, that would be at the core of his thought-provoking, beautiful and often amusing look back at some of his most popular work.


Holm Friebe eröffnet TYPO Berlin 2014

Sein Motto: Kein Büro, keine Angestellten, keine Pitches, kein Bullshit. Wahrhaftigkeit. Mit Sascha Lobo fand der studierte Volkswirt und Trendforscher 2006 den Begriff »Digitale Boheme« für eine Berliner Gruppe freischaffender Medienberufler der er selbst mit Sascha Lobo, Kathrin Passig und anderen Künstlerisch-Kreativen angehörte. Als Konstruktion für ein Leben jenseits der Festanstellung, lösten Friebe und Lobo mit ihrem 2006 erschienen Buch »Wir nennen es Arbeit: Die digitale Boheme « eine breite mediale Debatte um neoliberale Gesellschaftentwürfe, die Krise der Angestelltenkultur und die freiberufliche Selbstverwirklichung aus.

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