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Meena Kadri: Indo-centric, Typo-centric: Hand-lettered Typography of the Streets of India

Signs on urban streets of India represent a diverse graphical expression. Meena explores the history, influences, and characterists of contemporary typography of streets of India. When encountering the Indian streetscape, one is struck by the diversity of competing signs. India lacks a shared language so the signs are to decoded by a diverse population. Different regional identities are apparent through graphic styles.


Erik Kessels: Strong Ideas Allow You To Blur

Erik Kessels’ lecture was incredibly visual, incredibly entertaining, and showed us how to blur the lines between the contrasts that occur daily in the design industry. “Strong ideas allow you to blur.” Starting with a strong idea allows you to cross over into different disciplines. To support this point we had the pleasure of seeing some slides of Erik’s projects including: His print work for various ad campaigns, 3-D type created to promote the city of Amsterdam, commercials, and even art exhibits curated by Erik.


Jeff Veen: Designing for Disaster

Jeff Veen & Typekit once had three days to solve an eight-week problem. Is that possible? According to Jeff, the answer is yes, yes it is. In his lecture titled “Designing For Disaster” Jeff takes us through his recipe to solve a problem/prepare for future disasters in this chaotic world, and how to recover after the disaster hits.

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