Jürg Lehni: Scenarios of Production

Lehni’s work is an intersection of computer science, art, and engineering. He is interested in gestures of production and process. He self taught himself programming at a young age, and is interested in using programming to give things behavior and develop intuition while still maintaining control.

He designed, coded, and constructed drawing machines Hektor, Rita, and Viktor that were exhibited around the world including Museum of Modern Art in New York; Design Museum in London, and in China.

He enjoys the surprises and Frankenstein moments of seeing his work outside of the screen, and sees poetic potential or “accidental aesthetics” in technological processes and devices. In addition to inventing machines himself, he also reappropriated existing machines and changed their functionality, such as repurposing a vinyl cutter or reappropriating a classic film subtitling machine to create a drawing film in a church in France. Check out his software-based vector drawing tools Paperjs.org and Scriptographer.org.

Jürg Lehni

Jürg Lehni

Designer, Artist, Programmer (Switzerland)

Jürg Lehni works collaboratively across disciplines, dealing with the nuances of technology, tools, and the human condition. His works often take the form of platforms and scenarios for production, such as the drawing machines Hektor, Rita, and Viktor, as well as software-based structures and frameworks, including Paperjs.org, Scriptographer.org and Vectorama.org. Lehni has shown work internationally in group and solo shows at the MoMA New York, Walker Art Center, Centre Pompidou, Institute of Contemporary Arts London, Victoria and Albert Museum, Design Museum London, Kunsthalle St. Gallen, etc.

– By Diana Banh @dibanh