Rhythm Remarks with Aaron James Draplin

It’s Monday which means it’s time for another edition in our Rhythm Remarks blog series, giving you a peek into the minds of our speakers for TYPO SF 2014.

This week we focus on Aaron James Draplin, a Portland, Oregon based graphic designer and art director.


TYPO Talks: How is rhythm reflected in your work?

Aaron James Draplin: Solid hierarchies, pragmatic color palettes, straightforward thick lines and freedom from chaff. And working hard to keep it all going.

TT: How do you get into your creative rhythm?

AJD: Memories of shitty summer jobs and other hellish work experiences. Those are a good kick in the ass each morning. I’m never going back to that shit. And, a good night of sleep helps.

TT: What speakers are you most looking forward to meeting or hearing talk at TYPO SF?

AJD: Excited to shake the revolutionary hand of Emory Douglas! Fired up to hear Josh Higgins’s talk!

TT: If you haven’t visited SF before, what are you most looking forward to experiencing? If you are familiar with San Francisco, do you have a favorite hangout?

AJD: Weirdo record stores. So much obscure vinyl in that city!

Aaron Draplin

Aaron James Draplin

Graphic Designer, Draplin Design Co. (Portland)

Located in the mighty Pacific Northwest, the Draplin Design Co. proudly rolls up its sleeves on projects related to the Print, Identity and Illustration categories. We’ve traveled the world telling our story, with over 350 speaking fiascos to date! We co-created Field Notes, which are sold in over 2,000 stores worldwide. Our first book titled "Pretty Much Everything" came out on May 17, 2016, and is in its sixth printing!

TT: What’s your favorite typeface and why?

AJD: Futura Bold. Defied the Nazis! Clean, geometric and scales well. An underdog typeface relegated to catalogs and manuals and other throw-away items. And all the while, it works hard and does a hell of a job! A beautiful underdog.


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