Aaron James Draplin – “Tall Tales From A Large Man”

It is hard to sum up the experience that is Aaron James Draplin. Where to start? Draplin commands the attention of the audience with bold slides including an official DDC disclaimer and a fair warning to coders that his presentation will not include any sort of code languages. He establishes his presence on stage with seemingly appropriate vulgarity mixed in with motivational statements. Regardless of what the audience thinks, he explains that he probably shouldn’t be up on stage since he lacks credentials or professional accolades.


David Jonathan Ross: Backasswards!

As the attendees entered the screening room, chatter began swirling around about what kind of question they would ask David Jonathan Ross. The prompt was based on his recent move from New Hampshire to Los Angeles. The ice is broken with such questions like “What’s the best tanning salon in New Hampshire?” This sets the tone of the funkiness that is about to unfold.


Happenings at TYPO – $1/Minute

I hope you had a chance to visit the $1/MINUTE participatory creative workshop set up by Ana Llorente & Davey Whitcraft of Strangeways Academy. Throughout the past two days, conference attendees had the opportunity to place requests (and name their price) for projects that were fulfilled by the workshop directors and rotating guest creatives – open to anyone who wanted to participate.


Elliott Earls: Skillz Pay the Billz + other Graphic Design Musings

Elliott Earls is the head of the Graduate Graphic Design Department at Cranbrook Academy of Art. He’s a graphic designer who blurs the line between graphic design and art. He’s also a performer and artist whose work has been represented in major art museums. This afternoon, at Typo San Francisco 2014, Earls was all of these things — and a dynamic speaker with some very quotable takeaway points.


Happenings at TYPO – Feel The Rhythm

Us is a de-centralized design collective that explores non-traditional methods of process and collaboration. In response to this year’s theme of rhythm, they have set up an interactive workshop where conference attendees generate hand crafted poster art by working within (and against) established parameters, taking inspiration from the elements provided while exercising creative liberty to remix and re-imagine.


Josh Higgins – Designing Obama

His first exposure to using design for a cause was a poster in 2005 created for The Hurricane Poster Project, a fundraiser for victims of Hurricane Katrina. It made a couple thousand dollars, which was at the time more than he could have contributed from his own pocket. That’s when the potential for design to help the world dawned on him. Working closely with Leif Steiner, the creator the the Hurricane Poster Project, Higgins went on to create a similar projects benefiting San Diego after the fire and more notably Haiti after the devastating earthquake in 2010.

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