Carlos Segura: (My) Type of Life

Als Einstimmung auf die TYPO Berlin 2012 aus dem Videoarchiv gekramt:

Carlos Seguras Vortrag auf der TYPO Berlin 2010. Wie man sein berufliches Leben plant mit dem was einem gefällt und man machen möchte, und wie Carlos Segura es getan hat. Wie Segura sich selbst antrainiert hat, seine Umgebung genau zu beobachten und dies auf seine täglichen Aktivitäten zu projizieren. Das und noch viel mehr kann in diesem Vortrag nochmals verfolgt werden.


Carlos Segura

Carlos Segura came to the United States from Cuba at the age of nine. He worked for many prestigious ad agencies, including BBDO, Young & Rubicam, and DDB Needham. In 1991 he founded Segura Inc., Chicago, to pursue design more creatively with the goal of blending as much “fine art” into “commercial art” as he could. In 1994, the T26 Digital Type Foundry was born to explore the typographical side of the business. In 2001, Segura again ventured into new territory by starting 5inch, and in 2004, launched CarType with further expansions of the typographical segment with BikeType, MotoType and TruckType. Segura Inc. and T26 have received numerous awards, including from the Tokyo Type Directors Club, The Society of Typographic Arts, the New York Art Directors Club, the New York Type Directors Club, and the American Center for Design. In 2004, Carlos Segura was named one of the 21st Century’s 100 best designers and was honoured with Europe’s Red Dot Award. His work has appeared in many journals and publications, and in exhibits from the Denver Art Museum to Tokyo Japan.