TYPOFEST Bulgaria 2016 Finale

Typofest Bulgaria

What if you live in a country with great Schriftkultur, but only a few typefaces that offer your local glyph forms? And yes, it is Schrift in Bulgarian for type. Get to know a type culture and community arising anew.


Four questions for… Julian Zimmermann

Following a longstanding request by TYPO regulars to see a client and their designer on stage together talking about a joint project, German student Julian Zimmermann and African King Cephas Bansah were invited to TYPO Berlin in 2010 to present their cooperation. And what a memorable session it turned out to be! The extremely professional keynote, combined with the natural charm of the two speakers, literally brought many delegates to tears and garnered spontaneous standing ovations.



Wie in den vergangenen fünf TYPO-Jahren auch haben wir in den letzen Wochen intensiv an der Doku-DVD gearbeitet. Gestern wurden die Masterdisk auf Herz und Nieren geprüft und ans Presswerk geschickt. Morgen früh gehts dann los.

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