The Daily Eckardt: Daniel Gjøde

Daniel Gjøde: DJ and founder of Denmark’s largest community for electronic music, Motion Graphics designer at TV 2 Denmark, founder and creative director at Stupid Studio, guest lecturer at Danish Design Schools, Member of the advisory board at The Danish School of Media and Journalism.


Daniel Gjøde, Berlin, 2010 (© Marc Eckardt)

Daniel Gjøde: DJ und Gründer der größten dänischen Community für elektronische Musik, Motion Graphics Designer bei TV 2 Denmark, Gründer und Kreativdirektor von Stupid Studio, Gastprofessor der Designakademien in Dänemark, Mitglied des Kuratoriums der Danish School of Media and Journalism.









Daniel Gjøde

Founding Partner & Creative Director (Copenhagen, Denmark)

I'm 36. Creative Director, Windsurfer and Father.

I founded Stupid Studio in 2006 – an independent digital creative agency set out to do stuff for good companies, who believe they can change stuff to the better, funnier, or simply more comfortable.

I’ve been working with motion graphics and digital concepts within culture and television for longer than I can reasonably remember, and it has given me a user-centered approach to what I do. It's all about creating something of value, that means something to people.

I've appeared on many conference platforms waving my arms enthusiastically and shouting stuff about the stuff we do, and I'm a proud board member of Design Denmark and the Advisory Board of the Danish School of Media & Journalism, where I ruthlessly decide the future of young students (usually while laughing frantically).

Recently I pulled the plug and went travelling with my family for 5 months. To get away. To focus and find myself again. To find out what matters.

I never let the truth get in the way of a good story.