Gemma O’Brien: Death to inspirational quotes

The designer, illustrator and letterer Gemma O’Brien who is based in Australia, but travels around the world a lot, gives us an inside into her work for the second time on the TYPO Berlin stage. She is the creator of “For the Love of Type” and splits her time between client work, speaking at conferences and creating wonderful handwritten art und murals.

Jon Gray, London-based book cover designer © Bettina Ausserhofer (Monotype)

Jon Gray on Book Cover Cuisine and the “Safran-Foer-Thing”

If you read books chances are you have already held in your hands some of Jon Gray’s work. As gray318 he designs book covers and according to Steven Heller, Gray started the revival of hand-lettering with his 2002 cover for Jonathan Safran Foer’s novel “Everything is Illuminated”. In his talk at TYPO Berlin he compares book cover design to cooking to explain the raw materials and recipes of his work.


61st TDC Show in Berlin

At the end of January, two juries from the type directors club in New York singled out the year’s best typography work for the 61st time. The prizes are given for typographic design – new fonts – as well as for their application, whether in books, posters, packaging, corporate design or in digital form. The work of the TDC competition winners will be seen in Europe for the first time in a three-week exhibition starting May 24, 2015, at Berlin’s Aufbau Haus artists’ complex.

Focus Forum with Mark Simonson

TYPO Talks takes a few moments each year to chat with some of the speakers you can look forward to at the upcoming conference. We are excited to kick off this year’s blog series, Focus Forum, with designer Mark Simonson.

Mark Simonson is an independent type designer working out of his home in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Over the span of his career he has designed over a dozen typefaces, perhaps most notably the Proxima Nova family.


6 questions to … Julie K. Andersen & Stig Møller Hansen

Julie K. Andersen and Stig Møller Hansen are both lecturer at the Danish School of Media and Journalism. Whereas Julie is all about tangible pieces crafted by hand in laborious techniques like knitting, crochetting and so forth, like the project she showed at TYPO 2013 (watch video), Stig as an interactive designer and coder sees code as a creative tool for the designer. AT TYPO Berlin 2014 they’ll talk about their collaboration “Man vs. Machine” where it’s all about combining these two approaches to produce something new that has the qualities from each approach.


Lettering vs. Calligraphy Live

On Thursday at 8 p.m. the ring is cleared at TYPO Hall. Martina Flor, lettering artist appears on the one side and Giuseppe Salerno, calligrapher, on the other.

For over half a year they run the online battle Lettering vs. Calligraphy. Each day Martina draws and Giuseppe writes one letter. The letter is chosen by both of them, its attribute by different guest specialists. Many of them are not-so-unknown type-related professionals or calligraphy artists from all over the world like Jan Middendorp, Nina Stössinger, Stephen Coles or Nate Williams, to name just a few. Visitors of the site can vote for their favourites.

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