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Meena Kadri: Indo-centric, Typo-centric: Hand-lettered Typography of the Streets of India

Signs on urban streets of India represent a diverse graphical expression. Meena explores the history, influences, and characterists of contemporary typography of streets of India. When encountering the Indian streetscape, one is struck by the diversity of competing signs. India lacks a shared language so the signs are to decoded by a diverse population. Different regional identities are apparent through graphic styles.


Keetra Dean Dixon: A Little Knowledge and Other Minor Daredeviling

Walking us through her widely diverse array of works, Keetra Dean Dixon delighted and inspired her TYPO audience today. Initially showing some of her past work, her inquisitive nature immediately became evident through her thoughtful, experimental, and sincerely absurd projects, such as The Anonymous Hugging Wall and her Union Sleeve. Keetra then broke up the rest of her presentation into parts titled Thinking Through Making and Making Through Breaking.


»Design made in Germany« with Jessica Hische

Letztes Wochenende wirbelte eine quirlige Amerikanerin über die Bühne der TYPO Berlin und das kann man durchaus wörtlich nehmen. Obwohl sie alles andere als »Made in Germany« ist – trotz deutschem Nachnamens – gehe ich an dieser Stelle mal fremd, denn wir hatten die Möglichkeit mit ihr ein kleines Interview über Design und Verantwortung zu führen.

Last weekend a lively American stirred up the stage of TYPO Berlin, literally said. Despite of her German surname, she is anything but »Made in Germany« but we will make an exception as we had the opportunity to conduct a little interview with her. 


Jessica Hische: letterer, illustrator, crazy cat lady and secret web designer

Jessica Hische, self confessed “letterer, illustrator, crazy cat lady and secret web designer” gave an energetic and hilarious talk to a full house last night as the closing speaker at the TYPO Berlin 2012 conference. After three days of stimulating talks, Hische was a fitting conclusion to the conference, entertaining the crowd with her bubbly personality and remarkable insight.

Hanif Kureshi

Hanif Kureshi: Last Street Painters of India

Painter Kureshi – Last street painters of India by Hanif Kureshi explored the vanishing art of the sign painters of India. Once upon a time studios of over 100 painters worked tirelessly (without time for a smoke break) on many colorful custom works, often beginning their careers with film posters and moving on to fruit juice stand signage or personalized number plates – in any style you wish.


Jessica Hische: Uniting Nerds Through Typography!

Just as her url claims, Jessica Hische is awesome. The self-described Letterer, Illustrator, Crazy Cat Lady, and Secret Web Designer opened today’s TYPO SF with an inspiring overview of how, in just a few short years, she’s come from being “that drop cap girl,” and “that should I work for free flowchart girl,” to being one of today’s most well known and loved designers.


Jessica Hische aus San Francisco

Die Illustratorin und »heimliche«-Webgestalterin Jessica Hische ist verrückt nach Schriften und entwirft sie häufig für persönliche Projekte. Bekannt wurde Hische mit Arbeiten für Tiffany, Target und American Express.
Beinahe bekannter machten sie persönliche Seitenprojekte, wie Micro-Sites zu den Themen »Mom This is How Twitter Works«, »Should I Work for Free?« und »Don’t Fear the Internet« (gemeinsam mit Russ Maschmeyer).


Mitgeschnitten (4): Makelloses Präsentationsmodel

Als ich am vergangenen Wochenende die australische Designerin Mrs. Eaves alias Gemma O’Brien auf der Bühne des großen Saals erlebte, dachte ich zwischendurch: ›Sie muss ein Cyborg sein, ein kybernetischer Organismus. Hat man mir etwa vorenthalten, dass es dem TYPO-Team inzwischen gelungen ist, künstliche Redner nach den Wünschen des Publikums zu erzeugen?‹

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