Florian Pfeffer

Florian Pfeffer: To Do – Strategien, Werkzeuge und Geschäftsmodelle für radikale Gestaltung

In seinem Vortrag stellte Florian Pfeffer sein brandneues Buch »To Do – Strategien, Werkzeuge und Geschäftsmodelle für radikale Gestaltung« vor und gab Einblicke in die Themen dahinter. Er selbst hat seine Wurzeln klar im Printdesign, vornehmlich Buchgestaltung. Das im Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz erschienene Werk stellt nun sein Debüt als Autor dar.


Boris Kochan: Design and Identity

Boris Kochan ist Unternehmer, Büchermacher, Berater und Vorsitz der tgm (Typographische Gesellschaft München). Die tgm wurde 1890 gegründet und viele namhafte Persönlichkeiten der Branche waren in der tgm organisatorisch und/oder inhaltlich aktiv, u.a. Paul Renner, Jan Tschichold, Günter Gerhard Lange, Hans Rudolf Bosshard, Kurt Weidemann.


Hup Hup Holland!

After Russia and Poland in 2013, the Netherlands are the partner country of TYPO Berlin this year. With Joost Grootens, Erik van Blokland, Paul van der Laan, Petr van Blokland, Peter Bil’ak and Gerrit Noordzij we have some veritable institutions of Dutch design in the program. In addition to this, we also have two exhibitions of graphic design from the Netherlands set up in the in the foyer of the HKW, which shouldn’t be missed! We would like to thank the Embassy of the Netherlands for their kind support.


6 questions to … Julie K. Andersen & Stig Møller Hansen

Julie K. Andersen and Stig Møller Hansen are both lecturer at the Danish School of Media and Journalism. Whereas Julie is all about tangible pieces crafted by hand in laborious techniques like knitting, crochetting and so forth, like the project she showed at TYPO 2013 (watch video), Stig as an interactive designer and coder sees code as a creative tool for the designer. AT TYPO Berlin 2014 they’ll talk about their collaboration “Man vs. Machine” where it’s all about combining these two approaches to produce something new that has the qualities from each approach.


Russian Touch at TYPO Berlin

One of TYPO’s major goals this year is to bring the audience in touch with design from abroad. Looking beyond one’s own borders can be crucial to enhancing one’s skills and refreshing creativity. Apart from a delectable list of international top designers, we decided to spotlight two countries that underwent major changes in their political state leaving hardly any aspect of their societies unchanged. Graphic design being no exception.


Erik Kessels: Strong Ideas Allow You To Blur

Erik Kessels’ lecture was incredibly visual, incredibly entertaining, and showed us how to blur the lines between the contrasts that occur daily in the design industry. “Strong ideas allow you to blur.” Starting with a strong idea allows you to cross over into different disciplines. To support this point we had the pleasure of seeing some slides of Erik’s projects including: His print work for various ad campaigns, 3-D type created to promote the city of Amsterdam, commercials, and even art exhibits curated by Erik.


Thank You, America! by Jan Wilker

Originally from South Germany from a little town with the world’s highest church, he watched the movie Coming to America there 25 years ago that intrigued him. Only difference is, the version he watched was in German in funny voices. Hakim displayed pride in handling garbage. It wasn’t “handling garbage” to him, but “handling American garbage”.

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