Circa vier Fragen an … Ferdinand Ulrich

Ferdinand Ulrich liebt Schriften und die Auseinandersetzung mit ihren Geschichten. In seinem Berliner Studio gestaltet er Publikationen und Schriftmuster. Darüberhinaus forscht und schreibt er über Typografie und Gestaltung. Er beschäftigt sich intensiv mit der Designlehre in den 20er und 30er Jahren. Seit 2012 lehrt er Editorial Design an der Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle. Auf der TYPO spricht er über Hermann Zapf Bleisatzschrift Hunt Roman, die der legendäre Schriftgestalter 1961/62 entwarf.


Rian Hughes: Device Fonts

Rian Hughes is a man of many sides. Comic book artist of 2000AD fame, accomplished illustrator, graphic designer, type designer, “prolific rummager” and most recently author of a book entitled “Cult-ure: Ideas Can Be Dangerous”. Hughes’ talk today at TYPO focused on the later, offering a thought-provoking 45 minutes on the concept of culture, and how (for better or worse) it shapes our perception of the world.


Matthew Butterick: Rebuilding the Typographic Society

Matthew Butterick’s philosophy is about taking risks and making things happen.

Graduated from Harvard, being a typographer, a writer (‘Typography for Lawyers’) and a lawyer, he clearly and accurately raised the importance of the written word, within the graphic design industry. He asks us two main questions: what makes typography valuable and how can we rebuild the typographic society?

Lucienne Roberts

Lucienne Roberts joined by Rebecca Wright

Coming from a practical Graphic Design background describes her job as a non solo occupation. Moreover the + sign in her studio name indicates the importance of being socially connected in practice.

Talking about her influences such as political activism as well as feminism she quotes Woody Allen, who describes work as ‘a quality distraction’. A portrait of Allen on her desk inspires her to follow this approach.



Jessica Hische: letterer, illustrator, crazy cat lady and secret web designer

Jessica Hische, self confessed “letterer, illustrator, crazy cat lady and secret web designer” gave an energetic and hilarious talk to a full house last night as the closing speaker at the TYPO Berlin 2012 conference. After three days of stimulating talks, Hische was a fitting conclusion to the conference, entertaining the crowd with her bubbly personality and remarkable insight.

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