Three or so questions to … Brosmind

Be prepared to be charmed by the Mingarro brothers, Juan (1978) and Alejandro (1981)! This year, they are celebrating the tenth anniversary of their Brosmind studios in Barcelona.

The two illustrators and artists are renowned for their playful and fresh style. Their work abounds with fantasy, humor, pastel colors, cooky characters, and a whole lot of optimism. We couldn’t think of a better act to wrap up TYPO Berlin 2016 on a high note.

In our little introductory video interview, Juan and Alejandro take us through the highlights of their career, starting with their first paid gig as illustrators, and share a couple of insights that they have gained up along the way. Hiring an agent, for example seems to be a good idea. Also: never underestimate the importance of personal side projects! They help you keep enjoying your work, keep the creative juices flowing, and they may well encourage clients to go beyond preconceived ideas and initial briefings and incite them to try out new stuff!