Boris Kochan: Global Rhythm, Design and Identity

Boris Kochan opened his talk by sharing a personal story about the transformative experience of becoming a father which helped him learn an important lesson—to embrace change. By doing this, he opened himself to new travel opportunities, new cultures and experiences that greatly inspired his work and the development of the GRANSHAN Project.

GRANSHAN Design & Identity is a non-Latin typeface project, conference, festival and type competition. It’s an international project (with roots in Armenia) that aims to preserve local typefaces and raise awareness and understanding of them around the world.

Boris further elaborates on the GRANSHAN project through a study of non-Latin typefaces, explaining the multicultural nature of script and its significance as cultural technique and cultural repository.

Boris Kochan

Boris Kochan

Boris Kochan is designer and entrepreneur, publisher, consultant and founder of the branding agency Kochan & Partner. Following his training in layout and typography, he gained professional experience in journalism at the German daily, Süddeutsche Zeitung, in a typesetting studio and in a lithography department. In 1981, Boris Kochan, together with friends, co-founded a studio for graphic design and text, adding the departments of type setting and lithography two years later. In 1989, Zelig-Druck was added, and in 1995 the interactive unit Peppermind became part of the group. With more than 60 employees, Kochan & Partner is one of the 10 largest owner-managed agencies for branding in Germany. Boris Kochan is chairman of the Granshan type design competition and part of the jury of numerous competitions of typography and design. In April 2007, he was elected chairman of the Typographische Gesellschaft München, in June 2007 he was appointed to the German Committee of the Type Directors Club of New York and in 2011 he became a board member at iF Industrie Forum Design e.V.

Text — By Tara — @musingt