TYPO Labs 2017

TYPO Labs: Typographic Wonderland

Marianna Paszkowska, font developer at Monotype presented a playful Variable Fonts project that she had been working on together with quite a large team from the company. What at the first glance looked as “only” a fun project on Variable Fonts could also be seen as an approach to answer the question about how many choices should be actually given to the end user of design.

By Verena Gerlach


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TYPO Labs: More Glyphs, more fun

Audience’s darlings Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer and Georg Seifert were announced as the two “Glyphs Guys”, the crowd giving a loud welcome applause. After a year with a lot having happened, the two founders of Glyphs once more announced a “world premier”.

By Verena Gerlach

TYPO Labs 2017

TYPO Labs: Variable Fonts Update/Brainstorming Variable Fonts

This presentation of the Microsoft employees was two-fold: Peter Constable gave insight on the development of the font variations specification, how its implementation is progressing and shared how the spec might evolve in the future. Rob McKaughn shared some experimental ideas on how variable fonts might act responsively in every sense of the word: as way to assist readability, perhaps also to those with reading disorders.

By Tilmann Hielscher

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TYPO Labs: Designspaces

Erik van Blokland – The Design Space notion is something you hear a lot if you study in typemedia or work into the UFO environment. Now, thanks to variable fonts, it is everywhere. Given that many tools other than Superpolator are using this concept, it is now necessary to exchange design space information across different applications.

By Roberto Arista

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TYPO Labs: Variable Fonts

»Oh crap. That’s my new job.«

Dan Rhatigan, giving the opening lecture of TypoLabs 17, addressed the hot topic that all of the 280 attendees interested the most straight away: Variable fonts!

by Verena Gerlach

Video archive

Video archive: January selection – Hidden gems

Those of you who have been to a TYPO Berlin conference before 2010 know, that one of the highlights after each conference was — when the DVD with selected TYPO talks came home by postal services worldwide. Since 2011 we don’t burn DVDs anymore; all TYPO talks (in Berlin, London, San Fran) that got recorded can be found in our TYPOtalks video archive. By now we have over 300 design talks online and each year we add around 30 new videos. 300×45 minutes = 225 hours of video material. Because this is a lot of time you’d need to watch through this, we now start to bring you selected content. Every month (until we get tired in doing so) we will select 5 talks under different topics. Hope you like it. Off we go – with the hidden gems. TYPO speakers, that are not so well-known but truly suprized us.

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