The Book Art Museum in Lodz

Borys Kosmynka took us to the basement of the Book Art Museum in Lodz, where lies a treasure that was almost lost.

by Radek Sidun

Today there are about 150 tons of machines and type in the basement of the villa. Printing and typesetting room an operational casting room and a bookbinding room, modern appliances such as silkscreen table and a small offset press, complete workshop along with – literally – tons of metal type accompanied by interesting museum program make this museum a word-visit place.



Photo from TYPO Stage: Sebastian Weiss / Monotype



Borys Kosmynka

Borys Kosmynka

Type & Graphic Designer (Łódź)

Borys Kosmynka is a type and graphic designer from Lodz, Poland. He cooperates with the Book Art Museum to revive the spirit of letterpress printing and digitize old type.