Flashback Tuesday: Jon Burgerman, TYPO Berlin 2015

Jon Burgerman’s engaging, surprising and highly amusing talk at TYPO Berlin 2015 looks to answer some pressing questions: is the creative pursuit like a sport? What are the rules of the game? What does winning even mean? And what happens if a ferret invades the pitch?

Jon Burgerman, artist, illustrator and “award winning purveyor of doodles”, enjoys “happy accidents”: things that occur with no pre-warning, and demand you to come up with quick and delightful solutions. In his talk, he guides us through his light-hearted, funny world of doodled characters and everyday-observations.

The Brooklyn-based artist also shares the four key elements of his global success. First: Improvise. There won’t be any time to make big plans. Second: Make use of what you have at this very moment. Third: Ignore failure – perfection is not always the point of doing things. And finally, fourth: Create a new game out of this accident. Make it yours, and invite people to play with you. Happy accidents are the key to innovation. Happy accidents are ferrets.

Jon Burgerman, Photo: G.Kassner