Celebrating 15 years of TYPO Berlin moments (5)

Yesterday the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York announced the acquisition of 23 digital typefaces for its Architecture and Design Collection. The selection represent a new branch in MoMA’s collection tree.

They are all digital or designed with a foresight of the scope of the digital revolution, and they all significantly respond to the technological advancements occurring in the second half of the twentieth century. “Each is a milestone in the history of typography.” says Paola Antonelli, Senior Curator, Department of Architecture and Design.

FontShop and the TYPO conference are proud that nearly all designers behind the 23 nominated typefaces have been in Berlin and at TYPO Berlin. Have a look:

Type Design at MoMA’s Collection (1/2):

1990: Erik van Blokland and Just van Rossum at MetaDesign (Berlin), honored by MoMA for FF Beowolf (1990)

1995: Jeff Keedy at FUSE95 conference, honored by MoMA for Keedy Sans (1991)

1995: Neville Brody at FUSE95 conference, honored by MoMA for FF Blur (1992)

2004: Matthew Carter at the TYPO Berlin 2004 conference, honored by MoMA for Bell Centennial (1976–78), ITC Galliard (1978), Mantinia (1993), Big Caslon (1994), Walker (1995), Verdana (1996) and Miller (1997)

See part 2 tomorrow. Images: © FontShop (1), © Gerhard Kassner (2), © Marc Eckardt (1)

Matthew Carter

Matthew Carter

Matthew Carter is a type designer with more than forty years’ experience of typographic technologies ranging from hand-cut punches to computer fonts. After a long association with the Linotype companies he was a co-founder in 1981 of Bitstream Inc., the digital typefoundry, where he worked for ten years. He is now a principal of Carter & Cone Type Inc., in Cambridge, Massachusetts, designers and producers of original typefaces.

Neville Brody

Neville Brody is a designer, typographer, art director, brand strategist and consultant and has established himself as one of the most prolific, innovative and influential graphic designers in the world. Neville is also the founder of the Research Studios network with studios in Berlin, New York, Paris, Barcelona and Tokyo. Having redesigned The Times newspaper and the BBC website, current clients include LVMH, Nike, United British Media, Nokia and Converse together with several arts and culture based organisations in the UK and Asia.
Speaker Pic

Jefferey Keedy

Jeffrey Keedy is a graphic designer living in Los Angeles. His clients include the Museum of Modern Art, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Santa Monica Museum of Art and other such artsy-fartsy organisations. He also designs typefaces soon to be released through his company Cipher. Currently he is Acting Program Director in Graphic Design at California Institute of the Arts.
Just van Rossum

Just van Rossum

Just van Rossum graduated in 1989 at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague, where he studied with Gerrit Noordzij. His collaborations with Erik van Blokland under the name LettError became well known and their FF Beowolf typeface has been included in the permanent collection of the MoMa in New York. His FF Lefthand typeface is as ubiquitous now as it was when it came out in 1991. He co-wrote RoboFog with Petr van Blokland in the mid-ninetees, which can be seen as a prerunner of RoboFont, and has been a very influential type design tool due to its groundbreaking scriptability with the Python programming language. He is the original author of the the Python-based FontTools/TTX library, which provides powerful and unique ways to build and edit OpenType fonts. Just teaches type design and programming at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KABK) in The Hague, both in the regular graphic design course as well as in the Type & Media master program.
Erik van Blokland

Erik van Blokland

Type Designer, Programmer (The Hague)

Erik van Blokland is Co-Developer of  robofab and UFO. He works as Type Designer and programmer and he teaches at Type & Media at the KABK in The Hague.