TYPO Labs 2018 – This was day three

All good things come in threes: The last day of TYPO Labs has offered insights into CJK Fonts, educational perspectives and future scenarios concering the broad implementation of Variable Fonts. In this newsletter we sum up some of the highlights for you.

TYPO Labs 2018

TYPO Labs 2018

We would like to thank all of the speakers, participants, helpers, sponsors and attendees who made the last three days an inspiring, clever, funny and memorable event.


Korean on Google Fonts – Rod Sheeter & Garret Rieger

Google Fonts delivers free, open source, fonts to billions of pages across the web. In recent years quality and support for a range of languages improved considerably but still missing was support for Chinese, Japanese, or Korean.

“On the web, you can render Latin texts with just a few hundred characters. To render Korean you need an enormous number … more like 17,000 for complete coverage” explains Rod Sheeter. Together with Garret Rieger they showed solutions to intelligently partition fonts to minimize transfer size, number of requests, and latency and optimize cross-site caching when delivering Korean fonts.


Connecting Scripst: Building bridges between Latin and Hangul – Minjoo Ham

Shortly before the lunch break Minjoo Ham gave a talk that was quite mouthwatering. She taught us how to write Bibimbap – the Korean traditional dish – in Korean and explained how to build brigdes between Latin and Korean fonts.

“You have to mix rational tools like TypeCooker with conceptual methods in creating Korean fonts based on latin: Extract the rational part of the recipe and then combine it with the conceptual side of the font” explained Minjoo on her way of working when transfering Latin script into her mother tongue.


Chrome Typography and FontTools Update – Dominik Röttsches & Behdad Esfahbod

Code. Code. Code. Dominik Röttsches and Behdad Esfahbod gave us an update on Chrome Typography and FontTools. Dominik presented recent enhancements in Chrome related to the way text and emoji is rendered across platforms. He took a moment to focus on the recent return of a long lost feature of text on the web: ink-skipping underlines. Behdad dove even further into technical matters and gave a preview of new libraries to render variable fonts.

Photos: Norman Posselt

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