Fragenziehen: Interview #7 with Maria Doreuli

We played »Fragenziehen« (drawing questions) with Maria Doreuli, type designer from Russia and founder of the Contrast Foundry. The game is simple: Maria draws a term, puts it next to the card “writing” and answers what she thinks of it. Associative and fast.

by Lukas Horn



Type & Tolerance
Type and tolerance makes me think about multilingual typography and typefaces supporting all possible scripts.

Type & Trend
Trends change. In type design they can hardly be followed, you are already late when you can see a particular trend. The first thing that popped up in my mind thinking about type and trend is reversed contrast. A few years ago it became a thing to add reversed contrast to any kind of typeface. It can be nice, but it can also be forced if it is just applied as an additional parameter in order to bring originality to a project.

TYPOFEST Maria Doreuli by Boryana Pandova

Maria Doreuli, Photo: © Boryana Pandova

Type & Beauty
Thinking about type and beauty I immediately think about Lexicon by Bram de Does, I love this typeface.

Type & Tradition
To me type and tradition is definitely Caslon. Caslon was the first serious and a very traditional typeface project I started working.
Type & Money
Selling your typefaces and especially having your own foundry. It is a different from the actual design world, but I find it an important part of the job.

Maria Doreuli is a type wonder: she is a designer from Russia and founder of the contrast foundy. She designed the wonderful Chimera typeface during her master at the royal academy of arts (NL) and shares her experience at type workshops.

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