John Hudson

Constrained. Unconstrained. Variable.

TYPO Labs 2018 How far can we go? | Thursday, 12 April | 11:00 am | Nave | English

The history of typography is the history of the adaptation of design to technological circumstances. When those circumstances are changing rapidly, a single typeface design may need to adapt in several new ways within a short period of time. Coming after a long period of effective technological stasis, variable font technology presents a challenge to designs that were not created with such circumstances in mind, or that were made for different circumstances with their own challenges. John Hudson presents three iterations of a single, complex script typeface adapted to three different circumstances, considering both specific details of the design and general points about process and tools.


John Hudson

Type Designer & Co-founder of Tiro Typeworks Ltd. (Gabriola BC)

John Hudson designs typefaces and makes fonts. As co-founder of Tiro Typeworks Ltd., a digital foundry specialising in custom font solutions for multilingual publishing and computing, he has been responsible for or has collaborated on type designs for Arabic, Bengali, Cyrillic, Devanagari, Ethiopic, Greek, Gurmukhi, Hebrew, Latin, Odia, Sinhala, Telugu,…

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