Prem Krishnamurthy

Double Agency

TYPO San Francisco 2014 Rhythm | Thursday, 10 April | 2:00 pm | Screening Room

Design and curating share related goals, means, and challenges: the mediation of complex objects and ideas; the coordination of multiple actors and networks of production; the creation of conditions for presentation and participation. Both disciplines often serve multiple masters — artists, architects, museums, and publishers, amongst others — while also bearing responsibility to their publics. Similarly, both fields engage in an ongoing negotiation over questions of authorship. Within the situation of an exhibition, a book, or the framing of an institution, multiple voices and agencies overlap. In the best cases, something unexpected emerges.

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Prem Krishnamurthy

Prem Krishnamurthy is a New York-based designer and curator. As a founding principal of award-winning design studio Project Projects, he has collaborated with clients including the Art Institute of Chicago, Bard Center for Curatorial Studies, Berkeley Art Museum / Pacific Film Archive, Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, Field Operations, Guggenheim…

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