Sascha Lobe

From ABC to CD – Die neue visuelle Identität des Bauhaus-Archivs Berlin

TYPO Berlin 2014 ROOTS | Friday, 16 May | 12:00 pm | Hall | German

How can we connect the past to the present without losing sight of the future? What does Bauhaus look like in the year 2014, almost one hundred years after its foundation in Weimar? The new outer appearance of the Bauhaus Archive does not freeze in awe before its great design legacy, nor does it pursue clichéd design maxims. It is a bold approach towards developing a contemporary and expandable external image proceeding from the history of Bauhaus typography – a real »fictional« archive of glyphs.

Sascha Lobe ©Dominik Gigler

Sascha Lobe

Sascha Lobe describes his work as achieving a balance between »translating« and »creating«. He is the founder and head of the creative studio L2M3 and works in all areas of visual communication. Since being set up in 1999, the studio has established itself as the prototype of contemporary German design…

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